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Research Center Trustworthy Data Science and Security

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The Research Center Trustworthy Data Science and Security addresses the trustworthiness of intelligent systems in safety-critical applications. A unique, human-centered research approach covers the entire interdisciplinary research of trustworthy data analytics, explainable machine learning, and privacy-aware algorithms.

Trust in the age of the digital society

The level of digitalization is constantly increasing in many areas of our lives. Accompanying this are major scientific challenges for artificial intelligence, machine learning and cybersecurity: establishing trust and formally guaranteeing it. The Research Center Trustworthy Data Science and Security addresses this challenge at the crossroads between the development of digital technology and societal acceptance. Our goal is to develop trustworthy technology and to enable humans to understand this technology.

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Human-centered research approach

The interdisciplinary research focuses on long-term research questions that we can only in an interdisciplinary manner: How can people gain a better understanding of intelligent systems? How can we implement provable trust and security guarantees into machine learning? How shall we balance privacy and functionality?
To answer these and other open research questions we engage in joint research efforts between social sciences, data sciences, and IT security. Thereby, the human as a decision maker in industry, academia and politics is at the heart of our ongoing and future research. These decision-makers must be enabled to gain trust in intelligent systems, and to understand and regulate them.


Collaborative projects and graduate training

The new research center builds on a strong and long-standing foundation of individual research projects, collaborative projects, and interdisciplinary graduate education. Seven ERC-funded projects, one cluster of excellence, two collaborative research centers, five interdisciplinary graduate schools, and one federal competence center in machine learning are a testament to the strength of research in this area:

Non-university partners

The Research Center Trustworthy Data Science and Security cooperates with the following partners in the Ruhr metropolitan area:

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