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Research Center One Health - from Molecules to Systems

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The Research Center One Health – from Molecules to Systems investigates the fundamental mechanisms of health and disease, starting from the molecular level right through to higher-level systems. The ecosystem serves as a context for also considering the complex interrelationships between environmental health, animal health and human health, in keeping with the “One Health” concept. After all, humans can only stay healthy in an intact environment.

On the one hand, the Research Center deals with fundamental molecular and systemic control mechanisms that maintain healthy physical and mental functional mechanisms. And, on the other, it focuses on disorders within systems that cause deviations from the normal state, thus causing diseases in the broadest sense of the word. In addition, the “One Health” concept needs to be developed further on a theoretical level and applied to new technologies. The focus here is on the fields of molecular biology, water research, molecular cancer research, and neuroscience.



In the Research Center One Health - from Molecules to Systems, different disciplines of the life sciences work together:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Medicine
  • Neuroscience
  • Psychology
  • Environmental sciences

Infrastructure and collaborative projects

The Research Center One Health - from Molecules to Systems has access to laboratories with special equipment in two research buildings and three additional new buildings:

Numerous Collaborative Research Centers and Transregios attest to successful collaborative research:


Non-university partners and transfer institutions

The Research Center One Health - from Molecules to Systems cooperates closely with the MPI in Dortmund as well as transfer platforms in the neighboring Technology Park.



Scientific Board Members:

Managing Director:


Research Centre 'One Health - from Molecules to Systems' is part of the Research Alliance Ruhr.